JCI kanazawa conference 2019


Global Goals In Action

Main programs

2.22 Friday

Forum: The Power of Japanese Woman
-Be mind rich, supple, shining woman-

Place: Hokkoku Shimbun, Akabane Hall Akabane Hall, 2F Speaker: Princess Tomohito of Mikasa Panelist: Hitomi Takahashi ( HOKURYO DENKOU Co., Ltd. Administration Department, Management Division, GeneralAdministration Department)
Yuki Sakamoto ( I-O DATA DEVICE, INC. Equipment Management Department, Administration Division)

Entrance fee: 2,000 yen
(All entrance fee will be used for disaster area support and activities for local revitalization)

Advance registration is required from the website below. Apply here :

This forum is held with the theme of “Working women for women”. Even though there are more opportunities for women at workplace lately , it is also true that work place is not yet a women friendly workplace.
By families and workplaces, each one recognizes each other, deepening comprehensive understanding leads to a rich society. From the view point of Princess Tomohito of Mikasa and women executives from local corporations approach the meaning, achievement, impact and other possibility of women success.
Language : Japanese
Simultaneous interpretation Japanese→English

2.17 Saturday

Forum: It is good that everyone is different

Place: Hokkoku Shimbun, Akabane Hall Akabane Hall, 2F Entrance fee: Free Target: General citizens Speaker: Daichi Suzuki,Commissioner of the Japan Sports Agency
Yukiyoshi Yamano, Mayor of Kanazawa city
Nishikawa Keishi, Ishikawa Zweigen Representative Director GM
Contact address: Japan Junior Chamber, Inc. (TEL.03-3234-5601)

Part1: Lecture: Daichi Suzuki,Commissioner of the Japan Sports Agencyy Part2: Discussion [for the realization of an inclusive city with the power of sports]

Capacity: 480 people ※Advance registration is required In the case of group application, FAX application is more convenient.
FAX application form is here : inclusive2019@gmail.com
Sign language interpreters, abstract handwriting, hearing loops, wheelchair seats are available.

Apply here:

We will welcome Daichi Suzuki,Commissioner of the Japan Sports Agency as a lecture and talk about the fun and power of sports based on his own experiences and talk about the history of sports and SDGs promoted by the Sports Agency and the future prospects.
In the second part, the discussion will be done under the theme of “To realize an inclusive city with the power of sports” in addition to Suzuki, Japan Sports Agency Secretary, Yukiyoshi Yamano Mayor of Kanazawa city, and Nishikawa Keishi Ishikawa Zweigen Representative Director GM Nishikawa Keishi.
Regardless of the presence or absence of disabilities, let’s realize a city full of spirit with the power of sports towards the creation of an inclusive society where everyone can mutually respect their individuality and be active.
Language : Japanese
Simultaneous interpretation Japanese→English

2.17 Saturday
2.17 Saturday
2.17 Saturday
2.23 Saturday

Forum: improving company’s performance

Place: Hokkoku Shimbun, Akabane Hall Akabane Hall, 2F Entrance fee: Free Speaker: Kuniko Takasaki, JTB Corp Executive Director,Labor Reformation/Diversity Promoter
Junko Nakagawa, NOMURA ASSET MANAGEMENT CO., LTD, Executive Director

With concern about rapid population decline and labor shortage in Japan, it is now essential to secure female success and diversity. And it is a great benefit for enterprises to make female employees workplace where they can continue to work while raising their abilities. This will lead to the creation of companies that can continue a corporate value. Through this forums, think about human resource work and sustainable improvement of corporate value.
Language : Japanese
Simultaneous interpretation Japanese→English

2.23 Saturday

Keynote Speech : SGDs by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Place: Hokkoku Shimbun, Akabane Hall Akabane Hall, 2F Entrance Fee: Free Speaker: Delegate from Ministryof Foreign Affairs of Japan

Ever since before the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Japanese government has been working to create Japanese society in which “no one will be left behind.” base on the idea of human security.
In addition, we will talk about the international community to carry out a serious review of innovative financing mechanisms, including international solidarity levy to close the funding gap for the achievement of the SDGs by 2030.
We will also give a speech to express our resolve to accelerate specific efforts toward realization of SDGs as Japan for the SDGs summit.
Language : Japanese
Simultaneous interpretation Japanese→English

2.24 Sunday

UN Women -HeForShe-

Place: Hokkoku Shimbun, Akabane Hall Akabane Hall, 2F Entrance fee: Free Speaker: Kae Ishikawa UN Women Chief Representative of Japan

Kae Ishikawa brings approximately 20 years of experience in resource mobilization and partnership building at the headquarters, regional and country level in the United Nations system. Since 1998, she was in charge of the gender and human rights adviser at New York as the Permanent Mission of Japan to the UN. Then she worked for UNICEF as Assistant Programme Officer to address sexual exploitation of children. After many important positions, she started her current position from October 2017.
She will talk about Keynote lecture on “HeForShe” which is a campaign for gender equality, concrete efforts toward achievement of Goal 5 and necessary things to achieve gender equality by awareness reform.
Language : Japanese
Simultaneous interpretation Japanese→English

Schedule of Program


JCI Kanazawa
ADSRESS 1-1-58, Nagamachi, Kanazawa city, Ishikawa, 920-0865

TEL +81-76-232-3027 FAX +81-76-232-3026

EMAIL info@kanazawa-jc.or.jp
*Registration fee:Free
*About accommodations and visa: •Please contact email info@kanazawa-jc.or.jp

  • JCI Kanazawa Conference 2019【February 22 (Fri) - 24 (Sun) in 2019】|Global Goals in Action
    "Kanazawa Declaration"

    JCI World Conference Kanazawa was held in November 2015.
    JCI decided to adopt to work on SDGs in General Assembly .
    Since this declaration was adopted in Kanazawa, it is called the "Kanazawa Declaration".
  • Purpose

    The JCI Kanazawa Conference is an international conference where delegates from each country of the Asia-Pacific region participate. The conference will be held annually from 2016 to 2020. I hope it will be an opportunity to share global issues.

About SDGs

At the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015 "Transforming our world: for sustainable development
2030 Agenda "was adopted. In the agenda for the prosperity of man and the earth 17 goals are listed. This 17 goal is called Sustainable Development Goals,
Generally called "SDGs".


Report of 2018
JCI Kanazawa

The third year of Kanazawa Conference
provided opportunities for JC members,
citizens and corporate to work together
through the business to achieve the SDGs goal.

  • Official press conference

    2018 JCI President Marc Brian Lim, 2018 JCI Executive Vice President for Asia and the Pacific Alexander Tio, JCI Japan President Shogo Ikeda, JCI Kanazawa President Taichiro Fukumitsu and JCI Secretary General Arrey Obenson attended to this official press conference.

  • Opening Ceremony

    The opening ceremony started from a cultural music called “Subayashi” and we received message from Nobuko Princess Tomohito of Misaka. Then Governor of Ishikawa Prefecture Mr. Masanori Tanimoto and Mayor of Kanazawa City Mr. Yokihito Yamano gave a greeting speech. After that, the president of 2018 JCI, chairman of Kanazawa Conference and president of JCI Japan gave a speech and the JCI Kanazawa Conference 2018 was opened.

  • Opening Reception

    Many of the JCI Members from Japan and all over the world attended this reception. They started the ceremony by cheering with Sake. We also invited “Geisha” who played the music “Subayashi” at the Opening ceremony.

  • JCI Program①: Keynote Lecture and Panel discussion

    9:00-9:45 keynote lecture Introduction of Global Goals

    Instructor: Mr. Takeo Harada from IISIA
    Host: Kanazaw Conference 2018 Chairman Mr. Alexander Tio

    A lecture was given on motivation to correctly understand the global goals.

    9:45-10:30 Panel Discussion Learn about Leading SDGs

    Ms. Cynthia Arce from SDGs Action Campaign
    The Nippon Foundation Masato Seko
    ICA Tomoki Kobayashi
    Meiwa Co., Ltd. Takeo Tokunari
    Host: President of 2018 JC Marc Brian Lim

    It was a panel discussion to share knowledge and experiences on what is necessary for a grassroots solution of sustainable development and activities.

  • Kanazawa JC Program①:Next day Challenge! Academy!

    This program will teach how we should communicate and support the people with disabilities by learning Para sports and experience program and group work from the instructor who has the disabilities herself.

  • JCI Kanazawa Program 2: Special Interview “Starting SDGs from around yourself”
    Princess Tomohito of Mikasa
    2018 JCI President Mr. Marc Brian Lim Marc
    Saraya Co.,Ltd CEO Mr. Yusuke Saraya
    Coordinator: Mr. Takutaro Hiramoto Kanazawa Institute of Technology Institute for Regional Revitalization and Innovation Head of SDGs Promotion Center
  • JCI Kanazawa Program③:Workshop SDGs Business Program
    Speaker: Tokutaro Hiramoto, Kanazawa Institute Technology Regional Creation Research Institute

    We held a workshop for corporate managers to tackled SDGs with management strategies and visions. While gaining advice from experts, we got an opportunity to explore the business model by creating values and solutions to offer, after defining tasks for specific issue and themes of SDGs.

  • JCI program②:Workshop「Analyze and Investigate about SDGs」
    Speaker: Ms. Cynthia Arce from SDGs Action Campaign

    To take advantage of JCI active, citizen, the framework, a workshop to consider what young people and community is how to achieve the most relevant SDGs, it was carried out by incorporating such as sharing solutions and brainstorming.

  • Chairperson’s Invitation Reception

    In the restaurant”Shougyotei”to represent Kanazawa city, 2018 Kanazawa Conference Chairman Alexander Tio is held reception invite the presidents and the speakers of each countries, became a great swell night winding the entire Delegates at home and abroad.

  • Global Networker Reunion

    An reunion association where the graduates of JCI Academy, exchange information on activities after their graduation was held grandly.

  • JCI program③:Keynote lecture・Panel Discussion

    9:00-9:45 Keynote lecture Investment of Global Goals

    〈Speaker〉Yusuke Saraya (Saraya Co., Ltd. CEO)
    〈Moderator〉Arrey Obenson (JCI Secretary General)

    In order to promote SDGs, it was an opportunity for companies to cooperate with citizens and society and to think about how they can contribute to the development of the region and the world.

    9:45-10:30 Panel discussion The roles of business to achieve

    〈Panelist〉 Takeo Harada (Institute for International Strategy and Information Analysis, Inc. (IISIA) CEO )
    〈Moderator〉Alexander Tio (2018 Kanazawa Conference Chairman )

    An panel discussion was held on the case examples of companies incorporating SDGs into social contribution programs and the role of business played to achieve SDGs.

  • JCI Kanazawa program④:SDGs to start with movies

    Screening Movie:POVERTY.INC~ Fighting poverty is big business, but who profits the most?
    We did screening the movie “POVERTY.INC- Fighting poverty is big business, but who profits the most?”. It is content that is rich in suggestions for rethinking the way of support so far and thinking about activities to achieve SDGs, and many people have had an echo.

  • JCI program④:SDGs of food and play experience plaza

    Citizens and companies were able to experience the SDGs casually and with fun.

  • JCI Japan program : 「Introduction of Boys and Girls United Nations Ambassador Project

    Business introduction and report of yesterday’s boys and girls ambassador of the United Nations was held. A talk show was held by Mr. and Ms. Miyakawa Daisuke Hanako after the movie screening where the entertainer belonging to Yoshimoto Kogyo appeared.

  • Wrap up session

    We made a compilation of JCI Kanazawa conference 2018 and discussed issues to be addressed in 2018. In addition, Kana Miyamoto who the third grader of Izumigaoka high school student made presentation of the achiedvement of SDGs promotion at the same high school.

Duration: February 16, 2018 (Friday) – February 18, 2018 (Sunday)

Venue: Hokkoku Shimbun Akabane Halll

Participant: est. 1060

Foreign JC Member:
President and chief representatives 23 people
JCI member and Headquarters Staff 6 people
JCI Japan members 750 people
Citizen 281 people

Participant countries from overseas: Philippines, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Mongolia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Cameroon. France

JCI Kanazawa Conference 2017
Conference report

The second JCI Kanazawa Conference was held based on the "Kanazawa Declaration" promising to collaborate with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) adopted by JCI in November 2015.
This year, Conference Session by NOM Presidents and other programs sponsored by JCI were held.
Delegates from each country gathered from the world as well as in Asia joined them and created opportunities to share their countries’ current situation for collaborate with UN SDGs and consider concrete actions in the future.

  • Official Press Conference

    JCI President Dawn Hetzel, JCI Executive Vice President for Asia and the Pacific Marc Brian Lim, JCI Secretary General Arrey Obenson, JCI Japan President Shogo Aoki and JCI Kanazawa President Yasuo Tsukamoto expressed their thoughts on this conference to many reporters.

  • Opening Ceremony

    After the appearance of each NOM Presidents spectacularly, we received words from Nobuko, Princess Tomohito of Mikasa. Then Governor of Ishikawa Prefecture Masanori Tanimoto, Mayor of Kanazawa City Yukitoshi Yamano gave us greetings. Finaly JCI Executive Vice President for Asia and the Pacific Marc Brian Lim gave us a welcoming greeting "Educations are not knowledge but actions" and then the Kanazawa Conference 2017 was opend.

  • Special Speech by Nobuko, Princess Tomohito of Mikasa
    Nobuko, Princess Tomohito of Mikasa

    Based on the theme of "Kanazawa tradition that I acquired and want to leave, the knowledge I want to convey", we received very warm words about Ishikawa Prefectures boast traditions of various crafts such as Kaga Yuzen and Ohi Yaki and Kanazawa’s splits that we are not aware in usual.

  • Conference Explanation Session by NOM Presidents

    We shared knowledge about the actions of UN SDGs toward the next day's NOM Presidential Conference.

  • Welcome party

    Domestic and international JCI members participate the welcome party after the opening ceremony, it started from "a toast with sake" and their communication warm up the party.

  • JCI Keynote Speech “Towards Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs
    Ms. Mai Kok (Chairman of the Asian Development Bank Youth Leadership Council)
    Ms. Kallayaphorn Jasmine Jaruphand (Coordinator of United Nations Asia Pacific Region)
    Mr. Ken-ichi Tomiyoshi (International Cooperation, Institutional Director) Senior Vice-President, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

    In the keynote lecture the experts gave us lectures on strategies formulation, method establishment and partnership tie-up promotion in youth's UN SDGs promotion campaign, and in the panel discussion they discuss the SDGs model for aiming to solve regional problems.

  • Break-up session

    JCI Secretary General Array Ovenson, the moderator promoted the break-up session on the theme of "Increasing awareness and involving local communities", Many JCI members from many counties participate this session. Through the presentation of Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA) Masakatsu Komori and case presentations about each country’s challenges in groups works, many opinions came across.

  • Chairperson invitation reception

    Reception was held with chairman Marc inviting chairpersons of each country backing in the Japanese garden in winter. It was a night full of excitement involving domestic and foreign delegates.

  • Conference Session 1 by NOM Presidents

    Asia-Pacific region NOM presidential meeting was held on the 19th morning and afternoon in the two-part system. Sharing issues of each country has and Presidents are divided into four groups for discussion entitled "SWOT Analysis in the Asia-Pacific Region", a discussion between neighboring NOM Presidents, and confirmed again the direction that future JCI should go.

  • JCI Kanazawa Commemorative Forum 1 Message from the world
    ~ For hopeful tomorrow
    Mr. Yoichi Watanabe (battlefield photographer)

    It was a valuable lecture by Mr. Watanabe who visited the scene of the forefront where there are drastic changes over 130 countries around the world and witnessed the disaster caused by the tragedy of war and its following numerous negative chains. It was an opportunity to seriously face the SDGs goal 16 "Peace and justice to everyone" by seeing clear polite narrative and actual photographs.

  • JCI Kanazawa Commemorative Forum 2
    (SDGs Innovation)
    Moderator: Mr. Tokutaro Hiramoto (Lecturer at Kanazawa Institute of Technology)
    Panelist: Mr. Norihiko Kondo (Chairman and Representative Director of Kaihou Industry Co., Ltd.)
    Panelist: Mr. Tatsujiro Imura (Representative Kanazawa Daichi)

    Regarding efforts towards achieving UN SDGs from local cities, we held a panel discussion style forum by executives who are engaged in advanced activities. We got a comment on advanced business case about the business model connecting the UN SDGs, which is considered important by 97% of management, to solving regional problems.

  • JCI Japan Program

    From the UN Affairs Committee, presentations were given on three projects "JCI JAPAN SMILE by WATER Campaign", " JCI Japan UN Youth Ambassador " and "JCI Japan Global Youth Ambassador" tackled in 2017, the successive boys and girls ambassadors made presentations of what they learned from the experience of those days.

  • Farewell Party

    We shared the results at the JCI Kanazawa Conference 2017 and pledged to gather at Kanazawa, where the Kanazawa Declaration was adopted even after next year to promote UN SDGs in the future. Prior to opening, the dance of geiko was performed, and under the setup incorporating Japanese tradition, the opening speech by the Secretary General Array and the message from President Dawn which increase all participants momentum to tackle global bringing a wonderful finale.

Period: April 1st (Fri) - April 2 (Sat) 2016

Place: Kanazawa City Cultural Hall

Number of participants: 600 (JCI Member)

Participating countries: Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Macao, Nigeria, the United States, Ghana, Czech Republic, total 20 countries

JCI Kanazawa
Conference 2016

On September 2015,
“Transforming Our World:2030 Agenda
for Sustainable Development” was
adopted in the UN Sustainable
Development Summit.
This agenda sets the 17 Goals for prosperity of
both human and nature. The Goals are
called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Welcome Party

    NOM presidents, JCI officers and staffs celebrated the opening of JCI Kanazawa Conference. We invited Mr.Yamano, the Mayor of Kanazawa as a guest.

  • Keynote Speech 1
    Tetsuo Kondo
    (UNDP Tokyo Director)

    Tetsuo Kondo, a representative of gave a lecture on “UN SDGs” and “Problems of Asia and efforts toward solving the problem.

  • Introduce of TICAD

    Tshepo Thlaku, an Executive Vice President from South Africa introduced TICAD.

  • JCI Japan’s Program

    We introduced “JCI JAPAN SMILE by WATER Campaign” and “JCI JAPAN UN YOUTH AMBASSADOR”.

  • Keynote Speech 2
    Makoto Murase
    (Visiting Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences,Toho University / CEO of Institute on SkyWater Harvesting)

    Makoto Murase, a guest professor of Toho University gave a lecture on the problem of drinking water in Asia and the support for it by using rainwater.

  • Break-up Session

    We made a discussion about the efforts to achieve UN SDGs by each countries.

  • Chairman Invitation Reception

    Opened a reception by Jennifer Gracey, an Executive Vice President from USA’s greeting.

  • NOM President Forum

    Committee was held by NOM Presidents in Asia. Naomi Chang, a Committee Member from Hong Kong introduced “Peace is Possible Campaign”.

  • Farewell Party

    Guests expressed appreciative words to JAPAN JC and Kanazawa JC as their hosts. They promised to meet again in Kanazawa for closing.

  • Wrap-up Session

    Paschal Dike, a President from Nigeria addressed the importance to step forward for achieving SDGs.

  • JCI Kanazawa Memorial Forum
    Misako Konno
    (Actress / UNDP Goodwill Ambassador)
    Tetsuo Kondo
    (UNDP Tokyo Director)

    Misako Konno, an actress and UNDP ambassador gave a lecture on her activity.

【Date】 2016 Apr. 1st (fri) - Apr. 2nd (sat) 【Place】 Kanazawa Bunka Hall 【Capacity】 600 people (JC members)

【Country】 Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Nigeria, United States of America, South Africa, Cameroon, Macau


*Order by Japanese "alphabet"